the handbook


The handbook of 1999


download the file here

download the Addendum here


The handbook the bulk of which I wrote back in 1999 does not include my notes after, say, 2003. It includes also runestones in Italy and the USA.

Please keep in mind that the notes in the handbook were intended for my eyes only and thus you can find some untoward statement.

Also, having no academic basis (the handbook is best characterized as the runestones seen through the eyes of a child: I was 42 when I started) nor restraint I often placed some outlandish considerations that you may be willing to indulge: I did not have time to go through and read it all again.

The handbook may be useful if something is really amiss in the excel file. The best way, besides the alphanumeric number officially given to the runestones, is search for the name of the runestone.

When you read “ignore the sign” please consider that I have been told, in each case, to do so by a local person.